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    Default Does a Plug & Play HUD or digital/LCD dash for 2010 RS-S exist?

    I'm searching for a way to put my gauges where I can see them without looking down. Most important is the speedometer. RPMs would be nice so I can retrain my ears, since I've recently learned that I've been torturing this poor thing by shifting him too early. I hope he enjoyed 5th gear. He may never experience it again.

    A gear indicator and turn signals would be nifty.

    GPS (the only thing not reliant on input from the bike) would be fantastic.

    Messages from the bike (like 'Read the Pull-Down Card') would be phenomenal.

    Am I dreaming to think that something like this exists for my bike? If it did exist, what would the specs be that I would need to pay the closest attention to, to make sure it works with my bike's brain, plugs, power, etc?

    I have a heckuva time finding things for this model. Everything is the wrong year or RT. If I could take a 2024 instrument cluster and plug it in and Velcro it to the windshield, I'm game. 😆
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    yah you dont want to do that...too many issues with the 2024 cluster for the bikes designed for them nvm the older ones. you would have to klutz it... In any case $$$$
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    I bought a Garmin Zumo XT for my 2024 Spyder because Can-Am still hasn't delivered the Apple Carplay function as promised.

    It does show your current speed, and of course the GPS functions, but none of the rest of what you want

    Edit: a few more thoughts:

    My Zumo XT has a 5.5" screen size. There's also the Garmin Zumo XT 2 which has a 6" screen, but it is US $100 more.

    Garmin also makes an automotive mount kit for the Zumo XTs that has a suction cup mount for the vehicle windshield, which might work for you. I don't think I've ever seen an RS-S so have no idea if that would work.

    Also, I have Sena 3S Plus bluetooth headset installed in my helmet. The Zumo XT is bluetooth capable, so the helmet headset is paired to the Zumo so that when it "reads" directions I hear it in the earphones in my helmet, so I'm not needing to constantly watch the screen.
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