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Mike, you must have missed my second line.
Yes, increasing pre-load MIGHT compress the spring, but only if the shock is already fully-extended.

I went on to say that if your load had already compressed the spring, turning the pre-load adjuster will not compress the spring further, it will only extend the end of the shock to restore ride height.

Worded that way, while pretty much a backassward way to explain preload is correct in that context. Unfortunately, I as a suspension tuner have never discussed preload in that manner, nor has anyone else I know. The only time what you say is even considered is on a race bike with correctly dialed in forks, for me it is not uncommon to step outside suggested sag (laden ride height) in order to avoid headshake, get the front to turn in better or get a machine to not push wide. There is zero preload or springs free length, preloaded amount which we consider in two ways, simply accomplishing preload setting for a given ride height parameter, OR springs compressed length at shock full extension the is measured prior to removing a spring during a shock rebuild.