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    Default Recent experience with GS Jet Tech - London Speed UK Can-Am Dealer

    GS Jet Tech - London Speed to the Rescue

    I was in Southampton (UK) recently to collect something when I stopped on my Spyder F3T to check my phone to find the premises
    I went to pull away and put it into 1st gear from neutral when it immediately went back into neutral after a few attempts it went into 1st but the problem happened again later on
    I made my way home ensuring I did not put it into neutral and the gearbox was working as normal
    Once home i tested it again I put it into neutral and tried to put it into 1st but it went straight back into neutral
    I tried several times but it just wouldnít go into 1st only reverting back to neutral each time
    I rang GS Jet Tech explained the issue and they agreed to look at it
    My Spyder was transported to them
    This was what they found:-

    Hi Eddie
    Found your fault
    A plastic plug in the gearbox had cracked and got in the way of the gear change
    Should get the part by midweek

    It was the first Spyder that they had seen with this problem
    Having had 2 other Spyders (RTís)
    Iíve never had this happen so hopefully itís not a common problem

    The part was in, the Spyder repaired and I had it back within 5 days
    I canít thank Ian, J and all the other staff of GS Jet Tech - London Speed enough for the excellent way they took care of the problem and the way it was quickly sorted to my complete satisfaction

    This video shows the issue with my Spyder F3T

    Plastic Plug in Gearbox housing No 28
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