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    Quote Originally Posted by Claimbo View Post
    I have to agree, its the tires. I would get a vibration at 76 mph and it would go away at 80. It would come back in the 90s and went away. I couldnt find anyone who could fix them. BRP is aware of this. Either live with it untle the tires wear at which time your vibration will go away. Or simply change out the tires to non OEM tires. I would say the easiest thing to do is to change out the tires. BTW, it has to do with the tread pattern. Thats why on the 2020 the tread pattern is different and this problem no longer exists.
    I have never had a tire / wheel IMBALANCE issue , where it would come and go at different speeds ...... Mike

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    Quote Originally Posted by BLUEKNIGHT911 View Post
    .... also consider this - is the vibration so annoying that you are willing to possibly having to re-place your drive belt ( @ $350.00 ) if the roller on the tensioner fails and ruins that belt ( this has occurred to people on this Forum ) ...... good luck ..... Mike
    Quote Originally Posted by BigGuy66 View Post
    I'm curious about what the damge will be to the belt becasue of the vibration. Won't the vibration cause misalignment, skipping teeth, or something like that? I'm not a mechanic and cetaily not an engineer.
    If I've got this right (considering that I don't even have a dog in this fight.... ) it's not so much the damage the vibration will do to the belt, it's the potential damage the tensioner (well, vibration damper, anyway! ) may do to the belt!!

    There have been a fair few reported cases of the damper rollers &/or beaings failing and eventually taking out the belt completely; a few more where the springs &/or arms have failed & damaged the belt somewhat; and some where the owners have been lucky enough to catch the developing problem before the belt's been damaged, resulting in either the replacement or complete removal of the damper. Probably not a massive percentage of all the dampers sold, but enough that there are a number of threads reported here, and a few people who really got seen off over some variation of the problem....

    Have you considered simply lowering or changing the belt tension?? Many (more than those above, I'd think?) have completely or almost completely resolved their belt vibration issues by lowering the tension on their belts....

    Mind you, it certainly could well be the OE Spec Tires - you wouldn't be the first to get a dodgy &/or completely un-balanceable set.... and if it is them, I doubt you'll be the last too - at least, not whilever BRP insists on pushing Kenda tires to the exclusion of anything better!! There have even been a few 'out-of-round' rims reported!! But as others have said, while tire &/or rim issues can get markedly worse at some specific speeds, the vibrations from them are usually there ALL the time, at least to some degree!
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