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    Default New Dash low volume from Android phone.

    Due to a recent PM and my phone having a system update last week. I thought I would like to repeat for those that if you can't get enough volume from your android phone. There is way to fix that. This may apply to iphones too. I just don't know.

    A little background. There is no such thing as a master volume anymore. Each thing has its own independent volume level.

    So in our case. You need to adjust the volume level for the BT device called BRP Connect. Because each BT device has its own volume level. Do not plug your phone into the usb cable. Turn your Spyder on. So allow your phone to BT connect to the dash. Make sure the dash audio source is your phone. Start a music player on your phone, if one does not start automatically. Then use your phones volume controls to turn up the volume. If this is the first time or you have just had an android phone system update. You will get warning. Something about damaging your hearing or something. It appears to be treating BRP Connect like headphones. Answer the warning to allow the volume to be turned up. Then turn up the volume to max. That should fix it. Also it will have to done again when your phone gets updated.

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    Thank you. I ran into that, also. I've also had to sometimes repeat that procedure when reconnecting...not every time but sometimes with no apparent rhyme or reason.
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    When your looking at the volume and the GPS gives you directions, the orange will change to yellow. That is when you can adjust the volume for the GPS or whatever is sounding.

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