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Thread: Vibration GONE

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpyderAnn01 View Post
    I don’t recall what his warranty said but I do know he refers to it as a ‘million mile’ tensioner
    QUOTE=2dogs;1452466]Was it just the roller that failed, or did the bearings fail causing the roller to fail also?
    . The bearing failed

    As I said when I sent him a picture and told him what happened his reply was a thumbs up emoji. I then asked if he had repair parts or if the unit was junk and he never responded. Joe sent him an email and he has not responded to that either.[/QUOTE]

    Ms. SpyderAnne01,

    Talked with Doc at Roadster Renovations, he said call him at 812-371-9033 and ya'll can talk.
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    Seems like I read on his site or in the paper that came with my belt tensioner for my '17 RT the tensioner only had 1 or 2 yr warranty. I havent installed it yet so its probally expired waranty now. His 'Million Mile' I believe is, he has had enought tensoners sold an the mileage on them all combined totaled up to a million miles. Not that the thing would last a million miles.

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