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Thread: Battery Tender?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Easy Rider View Post
    I don't think that obsessing over saving a couple of bucks is a good thing a lot of the time.
    I hear ya!

    We've all made a "$100 Hamburger" trip at one time or another.

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    I bought this one on amazon: then i bought the cigarette lighter adapter for it: and I simply pull out the usb, and then plug it into my Lamonster garage spyder cuff power plate:
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    Lamonster Belt Tensioner: [URL=""]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Easy Rider View Post
    Totally unnecessary to worry about that. The difference doesn't mean squat when you are talking about floating a fully charged battery.

    Two things:
    That pigtail should be INSIDE the Frunk, sticking out through the liner where it is protected from the weather but still easy to get to by opening the Frunk.

    Second, go to any auto parts store or even WalMart and ask them for an automatic battery maintainer with a capacity between 3/4 and 2 amp.
    The Schumacher brand at WalMart is good equipment.....and comes with various cables too.
    The most popular brand is Battery Tender.
    Cost should be between $25 and $35.

    Don't obsess. This really isn't that hard.

    AND FINALLY......connecting a tender really is not necessary unless and until the bike will sit unused for 2 weeks or more.
    If it is ridden on a regular basis, you don't need it at all.
    Winter in Iowa, however, it will be good to have one.

    Wow! Just looked and found the plug in my frunk! Didn't know it was there. I have 2 Battery Tender Juniors and a Battery Tender Plus. So, Did my 2015 RTL come with the plug installed, OR, did the previous owner install it?
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    No, they did not come from the factory with the plug (pigtail).

    Some dealers are known to install one.

    If your's was a used unit, it is also possible that the previous owner installed it.

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    I bought the Deltran battery saver plus. I spent the extra $ to get all the extra acc. I do agree the leads should be in frunk. With acc. it is easy to jump start others. Just remember to reverse polarity. Cable ends I should say. Also with frunk cable leads you can hook up 12 volt clg lighter. CAN AM dealer say battery jr. is efficent for rts. If unsure of battery type unzip frunk cover there you find manual u IMHO read it for info and how to practice ride your new machine. I hope you are safe and loving it.

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