I'm looking for feedback from other Spyder riders who've suffered back injuries with some lingering discomfort, on what mods worked to alleviate discomfort while riding.

I had a compression fracture of the T4 vertebra, fixed via kyphoplasty. However, the procedure left me with some minor lingering discomfort between my shoulder blades. Most of the time I can ignore it -- except when I go on long rides. After about 2 hours, the discomfort becomes more noticeable, and increases a bit more thereafter, but not to the point that I can't ride the bike any more. It's just extremely annoying.

I think it's related to the upright, "sit up and beg" riding position on my 2014 RT-S. I'm 5' 7" and 170 pounds, and so far the stock seat with sheepskin pad has been satisfactory. But I'm wondering if upgrading to the comfort seat, and/or getting a stock backrest, might alleviate the problem by changing my seating position a bit. I also still have the stock handlebars; would a tri-axis handlebar help? That would be a pricey fix.

So, if anyone else with lingering back problems could offer advice, I'm all ears. Thanks!

Edited/updated: Please note that this is an upper/middle back problem, not a lower back problem.