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Thread: Floryda Weather

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    Default Floryda Weather

    Any of you that may reside in the Boca Raton area, I have a Granddaughter who is attending a Ballet Conservatory in Boca so I tend to keep up on things there.
    I have noticed that the temps there always seem to be around 80 degrees give or take plus or minus about 3 degrees. I was just wondering if this is a normal year round thing.
    If it is I just may have to join her down there, but probably won't no matter how tempted I might be. I lived on the gulf coast of Mississippi for awhile and don't do well with hurricanes.

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    Default Ah yes....

    The balmy florida weather...very humid, lived there three times...central, west coast and east coast and you can never really get away from the hurricanes. Having lived most of my life in earthquake countries I do prefer them as they just happen. That anticipation and not knowing is the worst part of a hurricane.....
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