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    Default US Spyder Ryder Chapter

    I had ask for some of you fine folks to get together and talk, and that's what you did. We are proud to announce the formation of the Central Indiana Brickyard Chapter. The 25th Chapter to the US Spyder Ryder's organization. We are currently in the planning and development stages but you asked for it so let's make it the best chapter they have. You will see more, much more, information soon. For now, feel free to visit the Facebook page and join there until full membership is available. Our goal is to have some sort of representation available for Spyderfest 2017 in Springfield.
    I want to give a BIG shoutout to you guys who will be spearheading this Chapter rollout and ask that all of you Indiana Spyder Ryders hit the "Bricks" and get rolling with us.
    See you on Facebook for now...THX

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    Default ?

    I PM'd Jerry.
    Looking for info...very interested.
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