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    Default 2 Spyders in Lincoln

    Fellow Nebraskans,
    I know there are two Spyders in Lincoln. My yellow one and a silver one owned by some nice folks. I think there is one in Wahoo, Nebraska, too, from checking the BRP map. I have never seen any on the roads in Nebraska, yet, but hope to see other ryders soon. It's good to hear that Omaha owners are growing.

    I'm currently assigned to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, so I'll bring the Spyder there when it warms up this spring and might not spend much time in Nebraska. My wife and I are planning a Spyder trip on the Oregon Trail this summer so we'll take the Spyder clear across Nebraska. Be sure to wave.
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    There may be another Spyder owner in Lincoln in the near future...going to Omaha on Sat. to test drive one at the dealer there! We already have a HD Motortrike conversion trike that is great for those big trips together. The Spyder is unlike anything else we've seen and I would say had we known more about the Spyder when we got the HD triked out, we might have bought a Spyder instead. Hopefully we can seal the deal this weekend!

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