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Thread: New vents

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    Default New vents

    I had the new vents but on my 2011 Rt. road the bike today in 100 to 112 heat index.
    There was not heat coming up from the front of the seat on two different one hour rides.
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    4" Stubby antenna, Dual arm LEDs Fender LEDs, Back Rest, Luggage Rack, Run, Brake and Strobe for top case, Mirror LEDs,Back Off decal on mud flap, reciptal for Battery Tender and Heated Gear, mirror LEDs that stay on or work with blinkers, GPS, side bag red LEDs, Top cuff with Ram Ball phone holder And USB power, Top cuff with drink holder and passenger cup holder. Also grilles in front of radiators, also spyclops. Garmin 595 GPS, Freedom windshield.

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    Default Good to hear..!!

    the more conformation from users the better. Looks like its better than expected I see many earlier models installing them... glad they are working for you...
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