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Thread: Spyderfest 2015

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    Default Spyderfest 2015

    I see that there are 6 listed from WV for this years Spyderfest. I know 4 of them - Leslie and Myself, Hayfield and company - who are the other two? We are leaving here the 21st of April to visit family in St. Louis on the way, but will be at the Lamplighter on the 28th, leaving for home on the 1st.
    I know I met Hayfield at the OSR Rally in October. We have found another Ryder here in the Parkersburg area. I realize that the Eastern Panhandle is a long way from here - we visit friends in Berkeley Springs quite often, but not ryding

    SpikeH (RoyS)

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    Smile WV riders

    There are at least 2 in Princeton and one in Bluefield.

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