Sunday Ryde & afternoon Lunch and a beer at Lu and joes

Oct 24 Sun 11:00 AM
LocationLu and Joe's Restaurant and Lounge
1024 Ridge Rd
Mount Airy, MD 21771
(301) 831-5577
Who's hosting? Alton Keel (Altonk) and Paul Armstrong (Silver Surfer)

***UPDATE: Time finalized ***

This will be an easy late-morning ryde, a late lunch and an afternoon of kickin' tires, web spinning, multi-legged crawling, and fly catching that spyders often do; oh ... and to join in for some decent food and beverage. The restaurant is a good meet-up point for a ryde before or after our meal. I understand one side is more of a ryders' bar; sandwiches, finger food and maybe some crabs; the other side is a Chinese restaurant. Interesting mmm?

The Restaurant, on MD 27, Mt. Airy, just north of I-70, is a great place from which to head north into the Maryland countryide. I am now pretty expert at the roads and byways. Sunday promises to be a nice day weather-wise. Mid-70's. Those of us who some of us want to ryde can do so; get back to the restaurant by 2-230pm; and meet others who just want to join us for the chow and brew.

We only have another four weeks or so to be assured of reasonable riding weather. Those of you who have not yet joined us for an event should just make a plan to come have some fun, where we can start plotting next year's arachni-fun.

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