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    Alway wore leathers before I owned Spyders. I like the look, and the feel. Chaps were also a fixture for me. Always lived in northern climates in those days. I don't wear them much either anymore. Too heavy for the weather here. I have put on the chaps a couple times here in the winter.

    I seem to have run the gamut on jackets for motorcycling. When I first bought my Spyder in 08, I had to have the BRP textile and the next year I added the BRP leather jacket. Very good jackets. I still have both and they look like new. Back then, I paid over $500 each. A lot of wampum to advertise someone else's product.

    I also have a couple sets of First gear, as well as the lined textile pants. Still going strong. Have not used any of the above since moving to Arkansas. All the above were good for the colder seasons in Alaska.

    Our go to jackets now. We have mesh jackets with liners (HWK brand from internet, about $49 each), and non-mesh textile with liners, same brand (about $79). Going on the second year with both. Still look like new.

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    AR....I hear ya. I lived in Northern BC, Canada for 52 years and leather was the thing to wear....Jackets, Pants, Chaps. I had them all. I moved to the lower mainland of BC 7 years ago, bought the Spyder and have not worn leather since. I have two jackets now....the spring, fall and winter is FirstGear and summer is Joe Racket Mesh. I just wear jeans for pants and I’ve used my chaps maybe twice. Foot wear is usually just oxfords but sometimes cheap hiking boots.

    The riding season in Northern BC was late spring, summer and early fall, much the same weather and temps as you had in Alaska.

    Back to the topic at hand.....Best Riding Jacket
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    Quote Originally Posted by UtahPete View Post
    The best jacket is one that fits and protects you from the elements at a price point you are comfortable with. Brand doesn't matter, unless you're concerned about status symbols.
    Got my motorcycle endorsement in 1979. Bought my leather jacket, brown, with lotsa zipped vents and a liner two years later. It is my only jacket from a low of 24F to high of 95F. I never ride without. I did buy a mesh jacket for when it gets hot - only worn it once when temp was over 97F. I clean and treat my leather once annually and it still looks, zips, and snaps great. Best investment ever!
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    I wore a First Gear riding suit along with and electric jacket liner and glovers. I also had a First Gear jacker or leather jacket inside the riding suite.

    I had the suit modified for a short stocky person and a seam replaced with velcro to allow the heat troller and cables into the suit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rick28 View Post
    Hey guys, Its starting to get a bit cool and we want to get jackets for our spyder, We want something windproof with a zip in/out liner. What are some recommended jackets that wont brake the bank !
    I have two - A summer mesh Jacket and a Winter jacket. Both are light coloured, but I live in Australia where temps range from -5 to 48 Deg C
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    Favorite?? The one I have when I NEED it. No one jacket... Yes, some have liners & a removable layer or whatever & they work fine, unfortunately they're usually not the one I might have on at the time Some are too bulky to carry so LoUiSiAna bi-polar weather means I keep rain gear handy; Frog Togs XXXL jacket & overalls that can go over whatever I may have on & a spare change of clothes just in case (some days) most days it's just a long sleeve breathing/wicking shirt to help keep the sun/bugs off. Winter; the leather chaps come out...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Motorcycledave View Post
    Go to Cycle Gear and try on a bunch of them till you find the one you like, I have one for summer (Mesh)
    and one for colder weather that looks the same but is not mesh, both have zip out liners
    they were each on sale I paid around $165 for each... here is a photo of the mesh one
    as you can see they come in small med. large and FAT like me I also have for real cold weather a lined leather jacket.

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