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    Default Need a CB on your Spyder ?

    I have what you need to put a CB on your Spyder
    I have many customers right here on Spyder Lovers who have this
    on theirs, you can get everything for around $350 AND it's BLUETOOTH to
    your helmet...
    Call me 209-887-3283 9:00AM to 8:00PM Pacific time daily
    Here is all you need: go to your favorite truck stop such as Flying J, Loves or other and buy the CB there MIDLAND #75-822 HAND HELD
    I have seen them as low as $88.95 they are a full 5 watt 40 chan. and work great, AND should anything go wrong
    with it just find a truck stop like the one you got it from and in most cases they will exchange it..... way better than
    getting one on line from Ebay or ???and with the items pictured here, YOUR ON THE AIR.
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