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    Default Metro East Illinois Spyder Ryders photo op challenge!!!

    Photo Op Challenge!!
    Please see attached link for a "just for fun" list of rydes that may just give you an excuse to ryde.(as if you need one!)
    We all find times that we want to ryde, but there are no group rydes scheduled or no Spyder events happening close to you. And sometimes we just want to ryde alone so we can turn around and come back home, or better yet, take a road that we have never been on just to see where it goes. We have come up with a game to kick start a ryde and at the same time record some memories of places we have been. The following list of places are worth various points. As you visit, take a picture of your Spyder at the destination and collect points. As always, use caution when stopping in busy areas, and if the exact location cannot be photographed safely, take a picture in proximity. For example, a welcome center instead of a road sign saying you are entering a state. If you can’t get your Spyder close enough, take one of you at the location. Points for each are listed following the location. It’s just for fun and we are on the honor system! Ryde safe and have fun!!!!! Winner gets listed here next year as champion!!!!!
    Fitz's restaurant in South County St Louis - 1
    Charlie Parkers restaurant in Springfield Il. - 5
    Any Lamberts Restaurant - 3
    Any Ted Drews Custard stand - 1
    Bobbie's Custard stand in Glen Carbon, Il - 1
    Riverdock Restaurant - 1
    Loading Dock Restaurant - 1
    Eagles Nest Restaurant in Addieville, Il - 2
    Brunzees Restaurant in Ava, Il - 2
    Any Amish store - 2
    Kettlehuts Restaurant in Crystal city, Mo... Extra points with a picture of waitress Gina on your Spyder (Bob's cousins daughter) - 5 (extra points - 5)
    Hawthorne Inn Restaurant in Labadie, Mo - 2
    Sunset Overlook Bar, eatery in Columbia, Il - 1
    Moonshine Store in Martinsville, Il. (they close at noon, but great burgers) - 25
    Any Dairy Queen - 1
    Froge's Bar and Grill in Portage de Sioux, Mo - 2
    Fin Inn, Grafton, Il -1
    Any Winery -1
    Hick's BBQ, Cuba, Mo-5
    Alton Giant statue -1 and chair -2
    Elephant Rock State Park -5 Our Lady of the Snows Ampitheatre, Belleville, Il -5
    Any Popeye statue in Chester, Il -1 Harry's Rabbit Ranch, Staunton, Il (extra points for pic of you sitting on the giant rabbit -10
    Any covered Bridge -5
    Any Ferry -2
    Any Spyder Rally -20
    Any Casino -1 Garden of the Gods, Southern Il -10
    Any mural in Cuba, Mo -1
    Cardinal Baseball Stadium -5 Any picture of a fireman or policeman on or with your Spyder -8
    Any Paddle Wheel Riverboat -3 Any Military Display at a park (tanks, planes, etc.) -5
    Casey, Il (biggest Chair, etc) -3 for each
    St Louis Zoo -2
    Your Spyder in any Parade -20
    Lisa’s Market Street Grill, Prairie Du Rocher, Il -5
    Bald Knob Cross, Alto Pass, Il -15
    The Abbey Restaurant, Arcadia, Mo -15
    Gateway Classic Cars, O’fallon, Il -5
    Meramec State Park, close to Sullivan, Mo 15
    Melvin Price lock and Dam, Alton, Il -10
    Starved Rock State Park, Oglesby, Il -30
    WILD CARD - any destination none of the group has been before
    Must be unique and within 100 miles of St Louis, Mo -25
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    I just found this any chance of this happening in 2023?

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