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    OK.....Got it all took apart. Replacing the plugs/wires/fuel filter/vacum hoses/air filter and both headlights. WOW.....What a chore to take apart! NOW.....I just dont see any way of gettin that bottom part of the air box out of there. ANYBODY Have any tips? Im thinkin I might just have to snake the wires under the box and use a long extension to access the front plug.BUT Id much rather get that box out so I can see/clean and get to it much better. FYI My air filter is like new after 4 years and 30000 miles......Id not suggest anybody worry bout it until 50000 miles! Im done with it for today....Tommoro I intend to finish up this harder than it should be chore.Thanks in advance. CHEERS!

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    I cut it into pieces to get it out, installed JT air filter. Lotsa room there without the air management bloat.
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