Greetings. I believe I was on this site some years ago when I was considering a Spyder, but at the time, things didn't work out. I've since been through several bikes, but sadly, a few years ago, the wife became disabled and I gave up riding. Recently we've borrowed my brother's 'Wing and she likes that, but we'd feel better on a trike. She likes the 'Wing trikes, but I've always loved the Spyder. After getting her to "test-sit" on a 2018 RT (and showing her the price difference) she's ready to get one. So, I come here to learn.

New or used? I'd rather go used in case of this not working as I'd like, but I can go new. There's a few 2018 models around I could get a good deal on. I've also seen a 2014, and two 2011's.
If used, are there year/models to avoid? I know the original RTs had the 990 engine. Is the 1300 better? How much? We're not small people so I'd rather not be under powered.
She likes the full dress Limited, but is it possible to add some of the tings - like the "fog" lights - to a regular RT?
She loves the back rest of the RT, but the bolsters on the seat might be a little rough on the sciatica. Is there a way to remove them or any recommendations for a different seat?
How is the audio on the RT? We'd like intercom and music.

Hmm, that's all I can think of at the moment, but I'm sure I'll come up with more as I go along.

Thank you for your time