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    Default Foot rest highway road pegs

    I installed a set of foot rest highway road pegs from Spyder Accessories on my wifes 2018 F3T. I had originally installed them on her 2017 F3S which did not have floor boards. When she traded up to the F3T that did have floorboards. The foot rest highway road pegs from Spyder Accessories have specific parts for either floor boards or foot pegs when you order. I called Spyder Accessories and asked them if I could buy the parts to use the ones I had bought for pegs to now be used on floor boards. I honestly expected them to tell me that they did not sell the parts separately. Instead they told me that if I bought the change over parts from them right away they would ship them out that afternoon.

    Very easy install. I watched their online instruction video and it went very smoothly. However if I had not watched the video and only had the written directions I would have been very confused as the pictures are not as easy to understand as their install video.

    My wife gives them a 10 out of 10 for comfort and riding.


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    Can you post a pic of your pegs installed? I have the ones from Pit Bull which were the first ones made to my knowledge - I like the looks of some of the others since I purchased mine and may swap them out someday.
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