I've seen videos on YouTube on installing the 10$ reverse lever extension that is sold on Amazon. When it comes to the time that you need to spread the clamping area of the extension...Do This...Take the bolt out of the clamping area and thread it in from the opposite side only TO the spacing that you want to spread....then....place a thin piece of steel (the end of an old steel butter knife worked for me) into the spacing area so the bolt will push against the thin steel as you thread in the bolt. That makes the bolt push against the steel, in turn that pushes against the inside of the clamping area, spreading it open. Thread the bolt in slowly, checking to see if clamp will slide on. Don't over due it. Make sure the extension is at a good angle before taking the bolt out and threading it in from the correct side. I did this months ago so all this info was from a senior citizen memory.