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    Default BRP Connect and Google Play....Need serious help!11

    Just bought my 2018 RT Limited and love it, except when it comes to the BRP connect. I've been told that you have to have an iPhone or iPod in order to be able to play music that's stored on your phone or iPod. The problem is that I don't like Apple products and don't own except an iPod that I had on my old bike. Now I use Google Play for all my music on my Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S8). I read that you can play music that is stored on your Android phone but Google Play doesn't store music physically on your phone. It is in a small file format that is saved to some sort of cloud or external server. Therefore, BRP connect can't play it. Does anyone know if BRP connect has fixed the software to work with Google Play or has anyone figured out how to play the music using the BRP software. I have so much music in Google Play that I want to hear on my bike. Please help!!!!!!!!

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    I pulled this caring response from someone on BRP's product marketing team to the litany of complaints about BRP Connect on the Google Play store:

    BRP Inc.
    Hi <INSERT NAME HERE>, we're sorry to hear this. Rest assured that we take your feedback seriously. Please reach out to us at so that we can address your concerns and provide additional help.

    Based on the unending stream of 1-star reviews, I'm going to say they haven't solved the Android problems yet -- but at least you know they care.

    I don't have a dog in this hunt, but as a software professional just reading the string of issues -- and worse still, the tone-deaf non-responses -- made me angry as well. Sarcasm doesn't help, but neither does BRP.

    Seriously, you might as well contact them at that email address and express your frustration and specific issue(s) so that they have the opportunity to surprise you with an actual productive response. I know that's got to be frustrating, but you'll at least know you've tried. Hopefully someone on here will have navigated the maze and have an actual solution for you.


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