2014 ST-S

"John Snow"



Bought with 390 K's on it after the owner pumped the tiers up to 36psi in the front and 40 psi in the back, he lost control and could not ride it so he took it back and sold it back to them for AU$13,000 i paid AU$15,800 in 2016 he originally paid AU$28,000 in 2014 for it new. what a bargin as i had a two wheel accident and cant ride on two wheels any more.

More Details

Spyder Performance Mods

  • Performance Oils: quick drain oil plug from Germany
  • Air Intake Mods: K&N
  • Custom Exhaust: CAT Delete and Akropovic Titanium exhaust
  • Other Safety Mods: SmoothSpyder belt tensioner, Light covers
  • Brake Pedal Extenders: larger brake pedal

Spyder Comfort & Handling Mods

  • Paint Color: Cognac
  • Floor Boards & Cruiser Pegs: Lamonster Highway Brackets with Kuryakyn Dually Trident ISO-Pegs

Spyder Farkles

  • Custom Lights: LED
  • Custom Seat(s) / Backrest(s): Adjustable Backrest from SmoothSpyder, double Lambs wool seat cover
  • Dash & Mount Mods: DIY Stereo system with waterproof speakers
  • Swaybar & Suspension Mods: BAJA Ron swaybar and links