2012 Spyder RT L

"Happy Dragon, because of the nose art."



I bought this Spyder the end of May 1st of June in 20015. It had 8500 miles(almost exactly) on the odometer when I bought it. The man I bought it from was a retired Marine colonel. I guess sometime soon after buying it he discovered he had Alzheimer's, and was now afraid to ride it very far. I now have over 53,000 miles on her and have enjoyed her very much.I have added a BajaRon anti sway bar,his plugs,plug wires and filters. I change oil every 4500 with Rotella or Valvoline. I put magic mirrors on it as well as the wide vue mirrors from TricLed. I also have their fender lights on it,a trunk rack from Value Accessories. I removed the stock analog gauges. I put in a digital Volt meter. I also have Dave's gel pad in the seat and Seal floorboards. Since I do my own oil changes I took the plate off the bottom and put in plugs with heads instead of torx/allen heads. I painted the rear wheel orange instead of that ugly gray and painted the brake calipers to match. After wearing out the factory tires I replaced them with car tires,I never can remember the brand.They are a ton better then factory. I had Joe and Ann do a laser alignment.It steers and rides very well. Shane Syx pinstriped her for me at the Rat Fink reunion in Manti Ut. and Jeff Dastrup hand painted the dragon on the nose at the Red Rock Spyder rally in St. George Ut. Happy Dragon is Lava Bronze with the tan seats.Her pin striping has been matched to her seat color. Jan 9,2020 addition,Changed name to Happy Dragon ,because of the hood painting. I also added a gas fill door to the seat and a cup holder from Diamond R to support Road Warriors Project.

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Spyder Performance Mods

  • Plugs & Wires: Baja Ron Plugs and wires
  • Performance Oils: Shell Rotella T6 5w40 full synthetic
  • Air Intake Mods: stock injectors plus JT air cleaner kit
  • Other Safety Mods: magic mirrors, wide angle glass

Spyder Comfort & Handling Mods

  • After Market Tires: Yes
  • Paint Color: Lava Bronze
  • Floor Boards & Cruiser Pegs: Seal Floorboards

Spyder Farkles

  • Custom Lights: LED bulbs,= in headlights and driving lights
  • Custom Seat(s) / Backrest(s): stock with the addition of motorcycle dave's custom cushion self installed
  • Custom Gauges: Analog Volt meter.Removed stock analog fuel and temp gauges to go to digital
  • Swaybar & Suspension Mods: BajaRon Sway Bar
  • Extra Chrome: chrome edge moldings
  • Custom Wrap: black wrap to lower windshield, Tail of the Dragon on rt bag lid, Anasazi Warrior on motorcycle on left lid

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  • Chupaca
    Great year good looking ryde - 11-26-2018, 11:15 PM
  • jerrydonna
    we love our 2012 also - 02-28-2020, 09:24 AM