2017 RT Limited



A few extra lights, backrest, dash mods, hiway pegs mods, luggage rack. Pretty much stock.

More Details

Spyder Performance Mods

  • Air Intake Mods: K&N air filter
  • Custom Horn(s): Wolo Big Bad Max horn
  • Other Safety Mods: Led fog and head lamps by TricLed

Spyder Comfort & Handling Mods

  • After Market Tires: Federal fronts. Vredestein Quadratrac rear
  • Paint Color: White
  • Floor Boards & Cruiser Pegs: Lamonster hiway bracket and homemade pegs

Spyder Farkles

  • Custom Lights: Double control arm light/turn signals by TricLed. Front fender rear lights
  • Custom Seat(s) / Backrest(s): BRP backrest
  • Dash & Mount Mods: Eliminated analog guages add RAMmount in one voltmerer/USB port in the other