2008 GS SE




First Bike, First Love! Can't stop riding. The name of the bike comes from my Initials "BM" and someone saying it reminds them of a #2 Pencil... So "Deuce" it is.

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Spyder Performance Mods

  • Plugs & Wires: Baja Ron Wires
  • Air Intake Mods: CNC Machines AF-1

Spyder Comfort & Handling Mods

  • Paint Color: Yellow

Spyder Farkles

  • Dash & Mount Mods: Dual USB

1 Comment on "2008 GS SE"

  • Haikanko
    Front screen - 10-05-2019, 01:52 AM
    When I bought mine I had a big screen like that but the buffering on the helmet etc was huge - For a better ride try yours without just a couple of screws to see if better or worse. Just a tought for you - nice bike