2008 GS



Closing in on 21K miles, got it used at 16K in 2017. SM5 gearbox. Tall windscreen with side air deflectors. Lots of extra lights. AdMore Givi bag led kit (blink, brake, tail), front daytime running/amber turn leds, fender reflector led conversion, Spyderpops fender tip led and fender groove led strip kit. You see me coming and going! Great way to cruise the back roads and mountains in Oregon.

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Spyder Performance Mods

  • Air Intake Mods: Spyderpops Air Management System
  • Other Safety Mods: Sena SMH10
  • Brake Pedal Extenders: Standard Seal Floorboard extension with Spyder logo cut out and teflon spacers to raise it.

Spyder Comfort & Handling Mods

  • Paint Color: Yellow/Black
  • Floor Boards & Cruiser Pegs: Seal Floorboards

Spyder Farkles

  • Custom Lights: AdMore Lighting kit on GIVI side bags, daytime running/amber turn lights, Spyderpops fender groove led strips, fender reflector leds, fender tip leds
  • Dash & Mount Mods: Wrap My Spyder Carbon Fiber Dash Kit
  • Swaybar & Suspension Mods: BajaRon Swaybar and links
  • Custom Wrap: Spyder Sisters sun cover and pockets