I love my Spyder even ryding alone, but at times I would like to ryde with others. I have not taking advantage of my Spyder (Keira) as much as I should due to personal issues. But now I am beyond the issues and wanting to ryde as much as I can. I made the SpyderFest 2015, but missed 2016...and, I will be going to the 2017, etc.

I'm posting this to see if there are ryders who would like to group ryde on scenic routes. I usually map things out on Google and then just go. A few weekends ago, I made an awesome route from Columbia, MO to Glasgow, MO. All scenic and not much on the major highways, etc. Here's the route mapped on Google Maps. I can't wait to take this route again when the leaves start to color.

I'm interested in events like the upcoming March of Dimes Bikers for Babies at the Kansas Speedway...it'd be cool to share the experience! There are many events and things or just meet up at places and meet all sorts of people I'd like to hang out with...

I thought of creating a Mid-Missouri group or a Facebook page, but I'd like to see if there is enough people for me to take the time to moderate. I'm a 25+ year programmer by nature, so creating things online is not an issue. I have posted a poll to see what sort of response I'd get from ya'll...so, we'll see.

I'm not a partier, but I can still have a great time without the bottle...a little over a year clean and sober and taking life more seriously and enjoying people and things much more.

So, if anyone wants to post some suggestions or get things started, feel free to add on to this thread.

Life's short...let's ryde!