I've done some simple and inexpensive improvement to my 2015 RT Limited that I thought I'd share as perhaps others might find value in what I've done or they generate ideas for you.

Frunk LED
The following is a Harbor Freight battery operated LED that I hang in my Frunk that I find very useful for both seeing inside the Frunk at night and it's easy to take out and use as a flashlight when I need to.
Frunk LED.jpg

Topcase LED
The same Harbor Freight LED noted above that I've attached inside my Topcase cover with Velcro. Simple push button operation and I can take it out when I need to.
Topcase LED.jpg

Topcase Organizer
This is a Kuryakyn organizer I had from my previous Harley Trike. I had Velcro sewn onto the top edge and I "stuck" it to the Velcro I put inside my Topcase. This makes a very good organizer.
Topcase Organizer.jpg

This is an LED that I made a mounting for and placed it under my American flag so I may light the flag at night. The small wires run inside my Topcase and connect to a very small pushbutton on/off and to a 9 volt battery that's Velcro'd to the inside side of my topcase. I got the parts from www.ModelTrainSoftware.com.