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    Default How about a half-day ride this Sunday, June 15?


    I thought I would take a run at getting a ride organized via the forum. Sunday's weather is predicted to be 78 degrees and no rain!

    I am a recent 2014 Spyder RT owner, still getting to know my new ryde. I have been riding two wheels for a lot of years, so the Spyder handling is still new to me - the ride pace will not be blistering.

    My proposal is to leave Amherst/Milford area around 10am and plan to return by 2pm
    I am not really into the crowds/traffic for biker week up in Laconia area, so I thought a ride towards VT would be nice.
    Rt101 -> Rt9 (hogback mt) and then find lunch, then point the frunck back home

    If there are other ideas or routes just pitch them here.
    I live in southern NH (Amherst) but we can meet up in more central location if there is interest.

    ride safe,

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    Default Great day!

    My wife and I rode out to Vermont today. We stopped at Chelsea Royal Diner in Brattleboro VT for a late breakfast and then followed Rt.9 up to Hogback Mt. The weather was spectacular, great views!
    Total miles logged: ~170.
    Enjoy the pictures and maybe some of you can join us next time!

    ride safe,

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