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    Yesterday (24/03/2014) I took delivery of a 2008 Spyder RS SM5 with only 2,800km on the clock! I purchased this from the original selling dealer (Savage Motorcyles, Perth) and this is genuine mileage (kilometerage?) on a machine that's really never been used. Only options fitted are the matt black panels, mudguards, etc., and the Hindle exhaust.
    I'm coming from a Harley Davidson, so this Spyder will take a bit of getting used to - low tech to high tech?
    Anyhow, I'm in Perth for several weeks so will have time to become accustomed before the 2,300km home trip.

    BTW: Savage Motorcycles assure me that any/all recalls and software updates on this machine have been attended to, but is there any way of checking?

    Anything I should be watching out for on this 6 year old, but incredibly low mileage, machine?

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    Nice find!

    Personally, I would change out any hoses and make sure the antifreeze has been flushed on something obviously sitting around quite a bit. May wonder about fuel lines or any build up from fuel sitting for long periods.

    And check for any Melomy nests.


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