I may be planning to attend a caving convention on Labor Day weekend called The Old Timer's Reunion, South of Elkins, WV. Instead of taking the usual route, I was thinking of some scenic routes in getting there and heading home to GA.

Getting off US19 at Summersville and taking SR41/SR55/SR20/SR119 to Webster Springs and on to Buckhannon, WV. From there I would take US33 into Elkins to hit the Kroger for supplies.
Can anyone tell me about the route from Summersville to Buckhannon? I'm hoping to be on my Spyder towing my little trailer.
OTR is off US219 in Dailey, WV on the Tygart Valley River. It's the largest gathering of cavers in the U.S. This will be the 64th OTR.

It's good to know that there in a BRP dealer in Elkins? Anyone know about this dealer? Good or bad?

Thanks for any input.