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    Default Mid-Atlantic Spyder Ryders - Name Changed to Maryland Can Am Spyder Web

    Attention all friends and members of the Mid-Atlantic Spyder Ryders group:

    Our forum name has changed, with a new URL. Our new forum name is now the Maryland Can Am Spyder Web. Why did we change? Well, my research is showing that our forum draws its members mainly from, yes, Maryland, while still welcoming membership from the surrounding states of VA (NoVA), PA, DE and WV, Spyder Ryders seeking groups in the highest density of sign-ups normally search for the term, "Can Am Spyder," or part thereof, and Maryland. Finally, I can't help but see it appropriate to draw our greatest membership from a population that is more tightly located and thus, likely to participate in rydes.

    You needn't worry or do a thing, except note the new URL ( and your membership listing should still tie into the new URL on, etc. I would still like to see more Spyder Ryders interested in joining me for the upcoming event in New Holland, PA from June 1st thru 3rd, the Mid-Atlantic Scooter and Spyder Rally (

    Also, as I've mentioned before, with 43 current members on the MCASR forum, as well as Marylanders, et al here on Spyderlovers, it would be nice to see other members weighing in with proposed rydes and events on which we may join. I'll be coming up with a few for the upcoming ryding season, to include a ryde and brunch up to Thurmont, MD at The Cozy Restaurant, followed by a ryde across MD 77 and the Catoctin Hills. I would also like to put together a road trip of three or four days out to Ohio, and possibly ryde with another great group, the Ohio Spyder Ryders.

    Let's get together and have a great 2012 Ryding Season!

    Best regards,

    Paul Armstrong


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    We went to the fall rally and had a great time
    Just signed up for the June rally
    I would encourage all to come
    Great food nice roads
    Lots of fun

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