Ohio Spyder Ryders will be hosting our second annual Hocking Hills Ride 3 day

Basically Friday night we will have dinner at 7PM (location will
be determined), hang out and talk Spyders. This is for spyders that come early
for the Saturday ride.

Saturday is the big ride we will ride around
Southern Ohio and take in the scenery for most of the day lots of of twisties in
the back country. For those staying Saturday night I would like to have a BBQ
and If I can find a place a bonfire, Charlie and I will be working on this
together. As the date gets closer we will be posting updates for this ride.

Sunday there will be a up and go explore and photo taking ride, there
will be frequent stops to take pictures and explore beautiful hocking

It will be held at Burr Oak State Park lodge on October 7th, 8th,
9th. We have room blocks set up for this ride, you can call 1-800-282-7275. Tell
them you are from Ohio Spyder Ryders and they will give you a discount. They
also have cabins available, some have two rooms if you want to save some money
and be roommates. Pets are permitted in 2 of the cottages; I also believe they
have 3 pet rooms (Dave & Teddy). Also a campground is at the park. These
rooms will fill up fast, after we make our agenda public, just wanted to give
club members first crack at the rooms. There are several hotels in Athens just
South of Burr Oak.