Hello Everyone,

I am a newbie here and in the spyder world. I have owned my Spyder not even two months when I noticed oil in the airbox. I found this site, which was a amazingly helpful, and after viewing a few threads decided I would install and inline fuel filter, in the crankcase vent hose, with foam replacing the filter to stop the oil from entering the airbox. It is working but I am considering it possibly a temporary fix. I am interested in KewlMetal's Can-Am Spyder RS, Performance Air Filter Kit. Before I pull the trigger though I have a couple concerns. I am concerned about added heat, from the engine, on plastic that was once blocked by the airbox and MOST OF ALL I am concerned about the added noise. I have heard a few complaints on here about it. Keep in mind I just turned 30. I am not concerned about me so much , instead my wife-to-be. I would really like to find someone near the QC that has this installed on their's so I could possibly meet them somewhere to hear it.

Thanks everyone and keep riding!