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My suggestion for East Iowa any one chime in for possible stops.

Big Arm we need some western Iowa stops have any?

1. Sutliff bar and grill east central Ia. along Cedar River North of Iowa City.

2. Balltown Ia. just a real cool Mississippi River Bluff town

3. J&P Cycles headquarters in Anamosa Ia. there's a museum in Anamosa and this is where the Co. was founded neat place.

4. Amana Colonies lots of history and a tourist destination.

5. Sabula Ia. a stop there, its a good bike town across river for Savannah Il. the home of Mr. Poopy's. Where Il. could have a stop directly across river.

6. Iowa City Iowa You all could see the most screwed up town in Ia. College town home of the Hawkeyes, and a community of very non-traditional values.

7. The Freedom Rock near Greenfield

8. Little Brown Church, Nashua

9. The Grotto, West Bend
OK, here goes it. A small group of Spyder Ryders are forming a new Chapter of SRA for Western Iowa/Eastern Nebraska. It is the NISR chapter. It is an acronym for Nebraska/Iowa Spyder Ryders and also a play on words of "nicer".
We already have rydes scheduled during Spydermania II on Aug. 29-30 which will be held at the Country Inn & Suites in Council Bluffs. There are some great scenic rides in Western Iowa in the Loess Hills Byway routes the State of Iowa laid out a few years ago from Sioux City to the Missouri border.
And don't forget to stop at the Twisted Tail in Beebeetown, Iowa.... It's a really nice bar and restaurant (with good food) that is a biker stopover. We welcome all Spyder Ryders to join our new chapter. See us on Facebook or contact THE BIG F at: bigeff@cox.net
Have a great day and let's hope spring gets here real soon.