I'm putting together a small posse of Spyder Ryders planning to go to the Spyders in the Adirondacks event in Lake Placid, NY, July 28th through 30th.

I live in Maryland, and it appears I'll be departing the area on the 27th, with a route that takes me northeast, eventually, through Allentown PA; I plan on shooting up US 209 (Catskills Expressway) through the Delaware Watergap; then continue 209 to to enter I-87N as far north as vcty Kingston, NY, or cut east on I-84 to connect with I-87 around Newburgh, NY. We were going to try to make Albany, NY the first day; but if that's too optimistic, anything north of Poughkeepsie is fine.

For others who are making the trip along this route, I just wanted to send out an invite to be in touch, where we might link up around Allentown or Bethlehem, PA. You may reply to this thread, send me e-mail here; or my personal e-mail is paularmstrong4@comcast.net.

Best regards,

~ Surfer