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    Post Is there a more affordable FOBO Replacement? Or a fix for broken senders?

    I have a trike set of FOBO (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) for my Spyder and have had them for years and love them! Recently, I noticed a crack in my front right sensor casing and it has stopped reading/transmitting even after a battery change.

    Does anyone know of a more affordable replacement than the $50 one (plus $25 for shipping) from FOBO?

    Or even better, how I might fix my current one?

    The only alternative I can see is to buy a whole new set from Amazon for $133 (including shipping):

    That way, I get the replacement, plus 2 more new ones, for only $60 more than a single replacement.
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    You could buy a pair from Walmart for like $87. That way you'd have an extra one. I just bought 2 sets from there.

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    Buy a pack for two wheels, this way you have a spare. To add the replacement, hold the tire in the app to release the bad sensor that was programed, then add it like it was a new sensor.

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