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    Default Water snow water more snow

    Will some one out or up there PLEASE turn off the water....
    you may all stop doing your rain dances I used to have a 2.5 acre yard
    now I have a 2.5 acre LAKE. Instead of buying my F3,
    I should have purchased a water craft or snow mobile... It is nuts out here in sunny California
    no sun just gray and or black clouds and cold... hell it's not supposed to be like that here....
    where is all this global warming we keep getting told about, it sure is not here.
    OK enough of my rant...
    I am guessing it will just make it nicer to ride when all this crazynes is over.
    Well in the mean time I have plenty of stock of all the cool stuff I sell so help keep
    Dave (me) busy when I am not putting out sand bags and call in your orders today.
    Ride Safe everyone
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    I guess you're just about ground zero for the flooding risks from these storms, Dave. I'm sorry to hear that. Good luck to you.
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