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    Default 2011 Spyder RT continuing to Stall

    I have had the same problem I have read about from others. The bike stalls at idle. When the Spyder was purchased there was a check engine light on. Then the battery died. The following items have been done.

    New Battery
    Drained and filled gas tank
    Ran Seafoam through it
    Replaced fuel filter
    Drained and filled Oil
    Changed Oil filter and HCM/Transmission filter
    Replaced vacuum hoses with silicone hoses
    Changed air filter

    As long as the throttle is applied at all, the Sypder will run. As soon as the throttle is fully released it stalls. Haven't tried replacing spark plugs and wires yet.

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    How does the bike run at idle? Very lumpy or smooth? Does it do it just when cold or even after it has warmed up. How many miles on the bike? Does it get ridden a lot or not so much? Does it still have a code?

    If the wires and plugs havent been changed, its probably a good idea to do it. My bike was having a very lumpy idle which smoothed out after the plugs and wires but also the vac lines too. Getting to that right side plug wire is not for the feint of heart though. I ended up taking the frunk off to do it. But once that was off as well as the airbox, its a clear shot to the plug wires. There was/is a replacement air cleaner assembly that you can put on which would let you have access much easier, but that has some issues with it as well.
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    I also had a similar problem with my old spyder. I had the spark plugs and plug wires replaced. It corrected that problem.

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