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    Default ‘21 RT Brake mod - One for the brains trust

    As many of you know, I am a taller rider on a ‘21RT. The brake positioning presents me with an issue, with my size 15 boots. I ride with my feet right up the front of the boards. Using the brake is fine when I have to come to a quick, full pressure, stop. I lift my boot and press hard.

    Slowing slightly, when approaching a roundabout for example, is trickier. My long boots, and the limited ankle movement due to my 90degree knee angle, means I can not have my heel on the floorboard while operating the pedal. This makes the application of gradual pressure difficult.

    As a temporary measure, I have attached a small block of wood behind the pedal (a couple of screws though the floorboard cover), so that when I lift my boot and bring it to the pedal, my heel is resting on something, enabling me to provide gradual, increasing pressure.
    I have taken this “innovation” for a shakedown, and it “works as designed”. However, I would appreciate any comments on potential issues from those engineers among us. The timber does NOT impact my foot positioning on the floorboard.

    Hopefully, in the longer term, I have a welder mate who is looking at shortening the height of the pedal by around 1.5”. This still allows full pressure to be applied, especially as I am pressing straight down on the pedal, and does not impact any bodywork.

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