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    Default Can the 7.8" Panoramic LCD display be used on the F3-S (which uses the 7.6" display?)

    I'm comparing the F3-S (which comes with the monochromatic 7.6" display), and the F3-S Special Series (which comes with the full color 7.8" display).

    My guess is, these two bikes are one and the same with some minor trim changes.

    I've been able to source the part# for the 7.8" full color panoramic display (part# 710007796 - Full Size Color Multifunction Gauge). Problem is, it's simply not available for purchase as a part.

    Just thought I'd run this by the forum in case anyone else got bored with their monochromatic instrument cluster.

    For me, it's moreso about seeing a needle for the RPMs instead of just a numeric readout. Must be the biker mentality I've adopted over the years.

    Thanks for your input.

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    I don't have an F3 of any flavor (I've only owned RTs) but I wish BuRP would ditch the "needle" on both the speedo and tach and leave the numerical readouts only. They could devote that space to something more worthwhile.

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    On finding the part # unfortunately BRP is quite successful at restricting parts to certain makes & models some seats, wire harness might swap with similar models “MIGHT” & could be massive undertaking for non professionals not knowing what to look for. With that said not saying it can’t be done, just might be more hassle than it’s worth, depending on your determination. Not quite sure if would be considered “Custom” or , “One of a kind”

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    It might just be more hassle than it's worth!

    Not that I really want to put anyone off trying it; but as mentioned above, BRP HAS been quite successful at restricting some parts/models/configurations, even when you might think it'd be a fairly obvious solution to some of the gripes owners have. Take the 'different gearing' due to the two different sized rear sprockets that can be sourced for different model Spyders/different country's - swapping rear cogs is an obvious solution to soooo many concerns some owners have, and it's something many 'motorcyclists' do on an 'as required' basis, just swap the rear cog to suit your particular needs. Easy, simple, done, and now you've got the gearing you want for whatever you're doing atm..... Yeah, NO!! Not in BRP's world and not on a Spyder you don't!! It's a major 'customise the ECU' task to even accept the different sized cog and keep the Spyder running at all, let alone running in Limp Mode!! And even if you find the one & only ECU Guru in the world who's managed it so far, because of the way BRP sells different models & gearing specs into different parts of the world, when you do finally get it to let the engine and its basic functions work in a rideable manner, you have no option but to lose some of the features that otherwise make our Spyders such great machines! Sure, some of them are purely 'fripperies', and who really cares if you can't get any local radio stations cos your Spyder now thinks it's on the other side of the World.... but the patches necessary to saaay, make the headlights & indicators/turn signals even work, let alone work legally for your part of the World are a right pain!! And those things like the speedo, traction control, stability control, ABS, VSS, etc might be sorta annoying at times when they 'intrude' in ways you don't want them to, but they do come in handy to make ryding your Spyder juuuust a little less of a handful, so giving some/all of them up just to get the bloody thing running with a different rear cog than what the Computer expects for a Spyder in your country is a right bit of pain!!

    And if, as it seems, BRP has done all that JUST to stop someone swapping the rear cog to make their USA based Spyder a little more economical or to give their Aussie based Spyder a bit more low down grunt &/or vice versa and any mix/variation thereof, what might they have done to stop someone buying the 'cheaper model' F3 & retro-fitting it with the 'more expensive model' dash display unit?!?

    Be interested to know if it does work tho?! And who knows, it might be something the 'gonna burst your bubble anti-fun/modification' engineers at BRP didn't think anyone would ever try, like retro-fitting cruise control to the lower spec models simply by purchasing the grip/control unit that has the cruise control switch, so maybe it's worth a shot?!
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