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    Question How can I purchase and get Can Am Freedom trailer into Europe?

    Hello every 1!
    I'm living in Europe and I want to buy Freedom trailer. My problem is that BRP does not export trailer(s) into Europe. I asked about this issue from local dealer who contacted BRP to get enlightment for this situation. The answer was that BRP won't get CE-certification for trailer so it's not possible to get trailers into Europe.
    I've been looking existing trailers (used or new) in EU but no success.

    So I won't give up and ask tips from you, dear ryders.

    Is there companies in US or Canada who could deliver trailer overseas (EU) after bying it?
    I have considered option that someone individual would buy the trailer (of course I will send money for buying the trailer) and do shipment into EU (expences paid by me).

    Any ideas?

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    I don't know anything about EU customs regulations, but as far as the way it works in the U.S., if you bought a Freedom trailer or a 622 for that matter and had it shipped to the EU when it arrived at the POE if that trailer did not meet EU specifications, i.e., the CE certification, it would be impounded by EU customs and would not be released until it was modified to meet the CE spec. That might cost you more than the trailer is worth. Whether or not a company would knowingly ship a vehicle item, which the trailer is, that does not meet the CE I do not know but would doubt it because it would make the company complicit in attempting to violate EU regulations.
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