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    Default 2020 RT Baja Ron Sway Bar

    With great anticipation, the 2020 RT is here at SPYDERPOPS. Here is what we know: The Baja Ron sway bar installed was a great improvement. The Baja Ron sway bar upgrade for all earlier model spyders gave us greater stability, comfort, and control around turns. The 2020 RT was no exception.
    Baja Ron has also redeveloped the endlinks. The housing is heat treated chromoly steel. The ball is heat treated with bearing quality, hard chrome finish. Whereas the previous links used a hardened steel ball and steel race with a corrosion resistant, self lubricating coating subject to wear, they occasionally had rust issues for riders who often rode through salt or corrosive environments. The new rod ends have a permanent, self lubricating nylon race which will not wear out.
    Install was easy. No more removing all those support frames and body panels like previous years. It was more like installing an F3 Swaybar. Except for removing some splash panels on the bottom to access the sway bar frame channel, there were no body panels to remove. The bottom of the spyder needs to be up about 22" for removal and install.
    We look forward to seeing everybody in the shop and out on the road at one of this years rallies. Come by and see us for professional install of the 2020 Baja Ron Sway bar and other great SPYDERPOPS products for the 2020 Spyder RT.
    Now available at WWW.SPYDERPOPS.COM as part# SPY393.
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    interesting you should say this. I had a customer call me yesterday. A previous model RT owner who just purchased a 2020 RT and rode it 140 miles home from the dealership. They love just about everything about it. But they actually asked me if I thought BRP was lying about the upgraded sway bar because they were so disappointed in that one aspect compared to their previous RT with the BajaRon sway bar installed.

    I have not yet been able to get my hands on the new 2020 RT factory sway bar. But no. I am sure that BRP is not lying about the upgrade. I am sure it is, at least technically, better than the previous bar. But here are some things to consider.

    1. BRP produced an 'Upgraded' sway bar for the 2008-2012 GS/RS (came stock on the RS-S model). I tested this bar and it was a bit stiffer than the stock factory bar. We then installed it and test rode it at Lamont's. After riding around a very windy loop, none of us could tell any difference between the stock bar and the upgrade bar. So, in actual use, it really didn't seem to make any meaningful difference.

    2. In 2019 BRP offered an upgraded sway bar option for the new Ryker model. Now this upgrade does make a noticeable difference compared to the stock bar. BRP gives a percentage of greater stiffness compared to the standard bar for this upgrade. There was never any percentage difference given for the 2008-2012 factory upgrade bar. And, as far as I can tell, is not given for the 2020 RT.

    3. It is noteworthy that for the 2020 RT, BRP is using the same Composite Plastic end links they have been using since the beginning. The BajaRon sway bars tend to break these OEM plastic links. This is why I require the Chromoly/Billet Aluminum end links be installed with all of the 2013+ Spyder model sway bar kits. The lighter BajaRon sway bar for the 2013+ RS, ST and F3 are stronger than the OEM factory sway bar for the 2013-2019 RT. They may be stronger than the new 2020 RT Bar as well. I am anxious to find out.
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