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    Default Smoothspyder tensioner installed

    It works!
    It pretty much got rid of most of the vibrations.
    Thing I did different was that recommended 8-10 pounds of tension was putting too much pressure on the belt so I backed it off to 2 and it was much better and still eliminated most of vibration.
    There was a little hiccup but Jim took care of it.
    I felt the price was little high but I also understand that development of new products cost money and it is a low volume product. Still, to get rid of gut wrenching vibration that felt like it was tearing me apart too, not just the spyder, it was worth it.
    Hopefully, it will last a long time.
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    Default It will....

    I have a 2012 RS and the smoothspyder tensioner has been on it since I got it 7 years ago. Has worked great and keeps you running smooth. It also keeps the belt tight to the sprocket not allowing any slop which has the benifit of keeps most debris out from between the belt and the sprocket
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