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    Default Air filter replace 2013 RT

    Attempting to replace air filter and its turning into a nightmare. Finally found the housing and could release 2 on the clips but clip on bottom seems impossible to release. Any tricks to this. Worried if I get it released will never be able to reattach it. Does the cover hinge on the back or is their a clip there to. I seared for hours looking for a video on how to do this, can't find a thing. Any help would be appreciated.

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    There's no secret or another way. If you want to replace the air filter yourself, you'll have to release that lower clip. Pop it off with a screwdriver. Give it a hard squeeze in the center of the clip to put it back on. I think it'll go on easier than it came off. On the back side of the housing are just two tabs that go into slots. Once you get the three clips released, ROTATE the housing forward to compress that ducting, treating the two tabs as if they were a hinge. Then you can wrangle the filter out. That duct hose may be somewhat stiff also. If it doesn't give enough, you can remove the clamp, remove the hose, or push it out of the way. See pic.
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