When I read horror stories in here of dealers who don't know what they're doing or take forever to make appointments or keep your Spyder forever, I'm reminded of how lucky I am to have the great team at RRPS. I just had a complete inspection/service done on Spykie to give me peace of mind this summer, and my appointment had been made for a mere week away. However, when I discovered an engine coolant "leak", saw NOTHING on that nearly opaque bottle (yes, I used a flashlight and jiggled the bike), figured it must be too desiccated to risk riding to my appointment, tried to add coolant which erupted after half a cup (where the hell WAS the original level?), I called my guys for advice and, bless their hearts, they said forget next week's appointment, bring her in now.

Three work days later, I have her home with all systems healthy and ready to roll. And, luckily, I'm an idiot. The "leak" is a normal possible result of shutting off a hot engine before the fans can cool it, thus continuing to expand the coolant to a slight overflow. Over the years, I'd never noticed spots on my stall mats because I always back into a narrow slot and drive out forward, never looking at the floor ... until I pulled out the other day and had to walk back into the barn for something.

Anyway, a big thank you to River Raisin Powersports in southeast Michigan for another pleasant experience. If you're in this area, I highly recommend them. Also, when accessing the coolant bottle, I had to come in here to figure out how to remove the cover rivet before I pulverized it any further, and the poster who said to remove the center piece first was right on - thank you!

PS: A request to Can Am ... how 'bout making that stupid bottle CLEAR?!