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    This is about good customer service!

    I ordered some trim from ********* for my Ryker on Thursday, May 30. On Saturday, I decided to order one additional piece. I called ********* Saturday afternoon, hoping to get the additional part added to my original order. However, ********* is closed on Saturday, so I left them a voicemail letting them know I'd be calling Monday to place an order. I went back to the garage, and came back in about an hour later. I had a voicemail on my phone from Chris @ *********. He stated that even though they're not open on Saturday, they check the voicemail messages regularly. He asked me to call him back and he would take care of my additional part. I called, and left another voicemail. Within 20 minutes, he called me back, took my order, and stated if they couldn't get it added to my original order, he'd wave the shipping charge.

    THAT is customer service!!!

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    I assume this is for Spyderextras?

    If its what i think it involves, its a bad business dealing where they screwed Lamont out of a lot of money/ripped off a product design, something of that nature.

    Im not sure why a few in this post call it laughable, when in fact you have no clue as to why they was blacklisted from the site in the first place.

    I myself dont care who advertises as long as they pay, but again this isnt my site, i just run the day to day operations, as Lamont doesnt partake in the site any longer.

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