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    Default Air Pump for Airbag issue

    Has anyone else had problem with the air pump for the airbag switches do not make it come on but Buds system does,,, any ideas? 2015 rts

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bert715 View Post
    Has anyone else had problem with the air pump for the airbag switches do not make it come on but Buds system does,,, any ideas? 2015 rts
    If I remember correctly - if you have the automatic system, you don't have any control over it …. the computer does the + or - pressure …. If the pump has failed many folks here have re-placed it with an after-market pump , that seems to work much better and Longer ….. Mike

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    When testing the system for normal operation, the following conditions must be met:
    1. Engine must be running
    2. Bike must be in gear, 1st or reverse.
    3. All three rear compartments must be closed (that's the odd one).

    A good test is to let the air out from the Schrader valve. Start the engine, put it in gear, the bike should rise. Don't forget #3.
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    2012 Spyder RT SE5 air shock not inflating. What I did.
    Verify motor operation by hot wiring.
    Pump motor would run but no air shock inflation.
    Remove all access panels and everything else that was in the way for a clean shot to the pump drive cover.
    Remove drive cover.
    Again, verify pump motor operation.
    Shaft spins.
    Check for piston con-rod counterweight operation.
    Fault found.
    Pump motor shaft spinning with no piston con-rod movement.
    Set screw backed out enough on the flat of the motor shaft to let it spin freely.
    Pull off con-rod and check for set screw movement.
    Repair setscrew threads as necessary for a tight torque on motor shaft. May require re-tapping.


    Align the con-rod to the motor shaft and tighten the set screw as hard as the allen wrench will allow. DO NOT USE THE WRONG OR WORN ALAN WRENCH FOR TIGHTENING DOWN THE SETSCREW.
    Again, verify operation.
    Motor runs, counter weight rotates, con-rod goes up and down, piston now pisses and inflates the air shock.
    Bleed off the air pressure from the air shock with the external air fitting and have a go at it a few more times.
    If all is well. You just saved yourself some $$$$$.

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