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    Default 2018 RTL Baja Ron Preload Adjusters- Installed.


    Enough videos on this, just to say I'm done installing the Baja Ron preload adjusters on mt 2018 RTL.
    Some thoughts:
    • Baja Rons instructions are great. Written to the level that anyone can do it.
    • The left side top bolt is definetly harder than the right, but not so bad that you can't actually get the bolt back in at the original orientation. I installed by hand the upper bolts with the bolt facing rearward as installed from the factory.
    • Baja Ron spring compressors are great. If he doesn't need them back I'll probably keep them.
    • Gained about 1/4" ride height, it will probably settle back to the original position.
    • I'm skeered of spring compressors, see the picture. Really stabilized the spring/compressor during installation.

    Spring Compressor-Controlled.jpg
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    There is a great deal of kinetic energy stored up when the Spring Compressors are put to work. It is wise to treat them with respect. Glad this install went well and you're happy with the adjusters.

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    These are great, I have installed them before (actually had Spyderpops install them for me).

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    I put them on my '13 a year or so ago and have definitely felt the improvement over the stock '13 front shocks alone.
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